Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lotus Market: 什刹海酒吧街

There are few man made lakes in Beijing around forbidden city. This was rebuilt for international restaurants. You can find Starbucks, German, Russian and local traditional food. A true mix of international. 


  1. Ah! Yummy! I love to eat my way through a vacation. What was your favorite meal? While in Chinatown, NYC, I enjoyed the most amazing egg rolls at Moh Wah - the oldest Dim Sum Tea Parlor in the country. I wonder what the egg rolls are like in China? :)

  2. We ate six Peking ducks on our trip. They are very tasty. We love many traditional food and also tried modern food. At McDonald, we ordered same food as here. But, they tasted very different because the sauce. Interesting. Beijing is a mixed city. You can find the best restaurant from the world.